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Ross's right arm snapped back during an arm wrestling contest with another former player Wendell Sailor during a competition on the Nine Network's Footy Show on Thursday night. DO not try to arm wrestle Wendell Sailor. Retired NRL prop Ben Ross has landed in hospital after suffering a suspected broken arm or torn bicep during a test-of-strength stunt on Nine's Footy Show.

The former Queensland prop suffered the injury during an arm-wrestle challenge with ex-Kangaroos winger Sailor on The Footy Show on Thursday night.. Sailor and Ross competed for only four seconds Ben Ross said in his firstish match that his arm does not go backwards cos he has plates or fused joint so they will have to break his arm to win. Very loosely paraphrasing here. I'm sure someone could find the clip. Was in his first or second arm wrestling match. Wrestling and Footy. TV. Wrestling and Free Running. Interest. Wrestling and Freestlye Football... Wrestling and arm wrestling. Interest. Wrestling and ay show. TV. Wrestling and basketball and swimming and Judo... Wrestling live show. Local Business. Wrestling love. TV Show. Wrestling … The unfortunate incident took place live on The Footy Show, an Australian rugby league show. The two were taking part in the Iron Arm Challenge , a charity arm-wrestling event set up for charity. Ross was taken to hospital immediately, and the television network immediately cut to an ad break. Read the post: An arm wrestle on the Footy Show last night turned into a nightmare on live TV from NovaFM right now. Check us out for all the latest in Internet. Arm wrestling, considered by some as entertainment is also recognised as a potentially dangerous form of competition with arm wrestling injuries are on the rise.

The ill-fated arm wrestle was part of The Footy Show's ongoing Iron Arm Challenge to raise money for the Men of League Foundation. The Footy Show executive producer Glenn Pallister said the show

Rugby player tears his bicep on TV after arm-wrestling challenge goes horribly wrong The gruesome injury happened live on Australian TV. By Neil Treacy Thursday 11 Jun 2015, 2:51 PM Ex-rugby league player Ben Ross took part in a televised arm wrestle with fellow former pro Wendell Sailor earlier this week, but things went horribly wrong... Sending Footy Show’s presenters

A reference to Dell's sickening Footy Show arm wrestle with Ben Ross where Ross's arm snapped on live television. "We will share some funny anecdotes and I will make fun of the Queenslanders," he said. Fletch played 13 times for Australia, 14 times for the Blues in Origin …

Ex-rugby players, Wendell Sailor and Ben Ross, made an appearance on The Footy Show – a talk show in Australia – and engaged in an arm-wrestling match that really didn’t end well. In the 56 Former NRL player Ben Ross hospitalized after arm wrestle with Wendell Sailor goes wrong Ben Ross hospitalized after snapping something in his arm in a stunt on television. Ross and Sailor were facing off in The Footy Show's first Iron Arm Challenge to raise money for charity when Ross yelled out seconds after the challenge began.

The NRL Footy Show has been canned after 25 years... Test-of-strength segment went horrifically wrong in 2015 when former players Ben Ross and Wendell Sailor engaged in an arm wrestle live on

Brutal: Former rugby star’s arm snaps during arm wrestling match on live TV. Brett Smiley @brettsmiley Jun 11, 2015 at 9:49a ET... — The NRL Footy Show (@NRLFootyShow) June 11, 2015. Former Rugby League star Ben Ross is preparing to launch legal action against Channel 9 after snapping his arm on the networks Footy Show last year, according to reports. Ben Ross, 35, looked to be in solid shape moments before challenging fellow former rugby star Wendell Sailor, 40, to a good-old fashioned arm-wrestling match Thursday night. And what momentarily began as a seemingly dead-even bout between the two on Australia's Channel Nine network 'The Footy Show' almost instantly turned against 35-year-old Ross. Health, Maxim, on Channel 10, The Footy Show, The Herald Sun, local newspapers, continues to receive ongoing media attention and are filming a reality TV show. 3. The AAF website attracts over 15,000 unique visitors per month, the average user staying for 5mins, as well as a growing Youtube channel and an active Facebook following. Heta-Morris said while it was a bad injury - and an awful feeling breaking someone's arm - the mishap on The Footy Show had given the sport of arm wrestling a lot of exposure.

The freak accident occurred during an arm wrestle between Ross and fellow rugby league retiree Wendell Sailor on the NRL Footy Show in June, 2015. Media_camera Ben Ross and Wendell Sailor prepare 56 Former NRL player Ben Ross hospitalized after arm wrestle with Wendell Sailor goes wrong Ben Ross hospitalized after snapping something in his arm in a stunt on television. Ross and Sailor were facing off in The Footy Show's first Iron Arm Challenge to raise money for charity when Ross yelled out seconds after the challenge began. Ben Ross could sue Channel Nine after breaking arm on NRL Footy Show... The 37-year-old broke his right arm during an on-air arm wrestle with fellow NRL star Wendell Sailor in June 2015. Former NRL star Ben Ross may have bitten off more than he could chew when he accepted the challenge of an arm wrestle on live TV with Wendell Sailor! Rugby league star Ben Ross is in hospital with a serious arm injury after an arm wrestle with Wendell Sailor turned into a live TV horror […] Arm break on the NRL Footy Show As with any physical sport there is always the risk of injury, and as everyone saw last night on the NRL Footy Show armwrestling is no exception and injuries can and do happen occasionally. Unfortunately when you have 2 very strong athletes placing opposing pressures on each others arms there is a chance that From the ashes of the WAL controversy emerged one of the most energetic and eventful tournaments the armwrestling world has ever seen, filled with new faces besting old legends, and kings maintaining their place at the top – this one had it all.

There are fears his arm is broken or his bicep muscle has been torn and become detached from his arm. The Footy Show said Ben was “on his way to hospital” and was “in good spirits”. The incident occurred during a charity arm wrestling competition with Wendell Sailor. An audible cracking sound can be heard in the video followed by Ross yelling in pain, his arm limp on the desk. Producers of The Footy Show quickly cut to a commercial break with host Fatty Vautin issuing an apology when the program returned. Ben Ross says no-one is to blame after breaking his arm while arm-wrestling fellow ex-rugby league player Wendell Sailor live on Australian TV... The 35-year-old also praised the NRL Footy Show NRL Footy show arm wrestle tonight, ouch! ~ Lethal. Cricket Memes. 2.4K views Recreation & Sports Website. Cricket sledges and memes.

That legal bill at Nine may be growing once again with a report today claiming former NRL player Ben Ross is considering legal action after his horrendous arm wrestle on the NRL Footy Show in June 2015.. Wendell Sailor accidentally snapped his arm Live on air as shocked viewers watched on. The NRL Footy Show famously aired the moment when Ben Ross broke his arm in an arm wrestling competition, or Matty John’s alter ego Reg Reagan calling on the league to “bring back the biff”. While not quite as crassly as the media, brands have also traditionally promoted a ‘tough’ stereotype of Aussie men. Ben Ross is a retired Australian National Rugby League player. Ross appeared on The Footy Show today to arm wrestle former rugby player Wendell Sailor on live television. The duo were arm wrestling as part of a weekly segment on the NRL Footy Show on Thursday night 'Take the strain. Ready and go!' host Beau Ryan exclaimed ahead of the wrestle. Former NRL prop Ben Ross has been taken to hospital after sustaining what looked to be a serious arm injury during a competition on the Nine Network’s Footy Show. Footy Show co-host Beau Ryan added his support for both men involved in the arm wrestle, as did panellist Darryl Brohman on Twitter. The 35-year-old former front-rower retired at the end of the 2013 season after 173 NRL appearances and six Origin matches for the Maroons after a career which began with St George Illawarra in 2002. Hopefully this is safer than an arm-wrestle…. On Friday night Nine will screen Footy Show Fight Night, a boxing match between several fighters at Melbourne Pavilion.. It will be hostd by Erin Molan. Three-weight world champion and esteemed boxing trainer, Jeff Fenech, has assembled a crack team of boxers who will, this Friday, compete in the next instalment of the Footy Show Fight Night On 11 June 2015, Ross participated in an arm wrestling match against Wendell Sailor on The NRL Footy Show. However, his arm gave way and was immediately rushed to hospital. Footnotes External links. NRL profile; Ben Ross at the website. This page was last edited on 30 September 2020, at 18:54 Rugby star’s arm snaps in TV arm-wrestle... As part of a weekly segment on Channel Nine’s NRL Footy Show, which broadcast the contest live. The show later tweeted: “We’ll keep you Ross's right arm snapped during an arm wrestling contest with Sailor during a competition on the Nine Network's Footy Show last night.