Indian summer crabapple

Malus Indian Magic. A recent introduction this Small growing Crabapple with a spreading habit, Flowers pink in bud opening to rose pink single, fruit are very showy ellipsoid in shape glossy red changing to orange, can be persistent till spring. Good disease resistance. Ultimate height 4m (13ft), Spread 4m (13ft). Malus Indian Summer The sprays are usually a combination of fungicide and insecticide applied at the same time. More information is available in HGIC 1007, Crabapple, and HGIC 1350, Apple. Many diseases commonly occur on apple (Malus domestica) and flowering crabapple trees (Malus species), which can reduce flowering and the quality of the fruit in South Carolina C176 Indian Magic Crabapple is about midway between Mulberry Street and City Park Drive on the east side of Sheldon Drive. This year the tree held its small, raisin-sized fruit into the winter, giving it added visual interest. Blossoms and the later fruit are shown below while …

Indian Summer Crabapple. Malus 'Indian Summer' Blooms-Spring Light requirements- Full Sun Soil Tolerance- Medium moisture, well drained, acidic loams. Golden Raindrops Crabapple has abundant clusters of tiny, golden-yellow fruits that are eaten by birds in fall. Trees that have delayed softening and provide bird food in late fall and into mid-winter include: Malus ‘Prairifire’, Malus ‘Mary Potter’, Malus x zumi ‘Calocarpa’, Malus ‘Profusion’, and Malus ‘Anne E’. Latin Name Common Name Plant Type Growth Habit Water Req. Light Req. Soil Req. Malus 'Hopa' Hopa Crabapple: Deciduous: Tree: Medium: Sun: Medium: Malus 'Indian Magic' Apple Cross Pollination List Note: Many cultivars of Crabapple can pollinate apple trees. For example 'Indian Summer' crabapple can pollinate honeycrisp apples. Fire blight is a bacterial disease that can kill branches and whole plants of many members of the rose family, including apple, pear, quince and crabapple. . Symptoms include dead branches, water-soaked blossoms, light brown to blackened leaves, discolored bark, The following list highlights crabapple varieties that have shown strong scab resistance and are tolerant of Minnesota's low winter temperatures. 'Adams' 'Adirondack' 'Baskatong' 'Bob White' 'Candymint' Coralburst 'Louisa' Molten Lava™

We have seen some tip dieback recently in crabapples, particularly with 'Indian Summer' and to a lesser degree on 'Donald Wyman'. Leaves in the affected area may distort or curl. In some cases scarlet-to-purple leaf discoloration is present on both sides of the leaf sometimes with necrotic centers.

An exquisite spring show of purple buds that open to vibrant red flowers in spring, followed by small, lustrous, deep red fruit, on an elegant, densely branched, vase-shaped, compact tree. Spring foliage emerges purple-red, turns a purplish green in summer, and changes to a yellow-orange in fall. Resistant to apple scab and mildew. Malus ‘Indian Magic’ Indian Magic Crabapple Bright red elongated fruit is of unusual shape and makes this tree beautiful in fall. 15' 15' 4 Upright, spreading Dark green Deep pink, 11/ 2", single Orange red, 1/ 2", persistent Fair Good Good Excel. Malus ‘JFS KW214MX’ PP 31076 Ivory Spear Crabapple Coralburst Flowering Crabapple Malus x 'Coralcole' Sku #6106. This compact, slow growing tree forms a dense, symmetrically rounded crown with deep green foliage. Coral pink buds open to semi-double, rose-pink flowers. Very disease resistant to scab as well as fireblight, cedar-apple rust and mildew. Produces a light crop of small, bronze-red Good Crabapple Pollinizers: Crimson Gold – Blooms midseason to late; Indian Summer – Blooms with King bloom of Reds; Manchurian – Blooms early to midseason (linked to certain postharvest rots) Mt. Blanc™ (x6114 cv.) – Blooms late; Mt. Evereste™ (permute cv.) – … Malus 'Lancelot' Plant Description: Compact growth habit with white flowers in spring. Gold fruit contrasts beautifully with the dense canopy of green foliage. *Please note that our plant library is not an inventory, but an informational service we offer to our customers. Please contact the nursery for current availability. Description. Crimson buds open to rose-pink flowers on this crabapple. One of the best for fall color and noted for its uniform broadly rounded crown. Red fruits appear in late summer and persist into the winter if they aren't eaten by the wildlife before then. Characteristics. Coralburst crabapple (small pink) Malus 'Indian Summer' Indian Summer crabapple: Malus 'Molten lava weeping' White weeping crabapple: Malus Prairifire: Prairifire crabapple: Malus 'Sargent' Sargent's crabapple: Parrotia persica: Persian Ironwood: Prunus 'Canada Red' chokecherry: Red Chokecherry Indian Summer Crabapple is a dependable, disease-resistant Crabapple tree that has stood the test of time. This handsome ornamental tree will grace your garden with loads of rose-red flowers in spring and hundreds of glossy red fruits in fall. In winter, you’ll want to pull up a chair by the window and watch the birds pick off the crab apples one by one.