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SCFE, also called slipped upper femoral epiphysis (SUFE) and physiolysis of the hip, is characterized by a displacement of the capital femoral epiphysis from the femoral neck through the physeal plate. It is one of the most common hip disorders of adolescence. Hip pain is a common presenting feature. Introduction. Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia (PFD) is one of the subtypes of fibrous dysplasia result from somatic gene mutation of Gs-α [1-7], the proximal femur is often involved associated with Shepherd’s deformity, limb shortening, limping and sometimes pathologic fracture.Although PFD can’t be thoroughly treated by surgery, the increasing deformity, continuous pain, and pathological Femur's TG Comics has a large collection of high quality comics, drawn and CGI. Most of the site is free, though there are premium stories available only by paying for a download. If you like a visual element to your TG stories, this is definitely worth checking out. There's also an … Patellar translation (TT-TG distance) Used to quantify patellar instability A distance of 20 mm is abnormal Measures the distance between the tibial tuberosity (TT) and the trochlear groove (TG) on an axial CT Method: Draw a line along the posterior femoral condyles Line transecting the tibial tuberosity Line bisecting trochlear groove sulcus Objectives: To (1) evaluate using the inherent anteversion of a second or third generation femoral nail to set the version of the femur during locked intramedullary nailing of comminuted femoral shaft fractures (Espinosa Technique [ET]) and compare it with our traditional method (traditional group [TG]) and (2) assess the variation of anteversion because of the inherent play in the nail itself. Jenny North's TG Comic Strips List Jenny North's TG Comic Book List Femur's TG Comics (Cruella is Back) TG Comics List Jana's TG Manga & Anime Pages: El Goonish Shive Kagerou. Valkyrie Yuuki . My Life In Blue. T-Gina. Venus Envy : Venus Ascending . Classic TG SOFTWARE ADVENTURE GAME Magician's Mischief - TG Comic (15/15) cchimeras 19 0 A Pleasurable Haunting TG Page 12 TFSubmissions 234 4 Magician's Mischief - TG Comic (14/15) cchimeras 26 0 Girl's Toilet: Page 11 meowwithme 289 15 Girls Only Cupcakes TG Page 11 TFSubmissions 238 7 To-Love-Ru Trochlear Surface of the Femur . The articular portion of the anterior surface of the distal femur, which articulates with the patella, has been referred to variously as the patellar facets of the femur, the patellar groove, the femoral sulcus, and the trochlea. The term "trochlea" is presently chosen here because of its conciseness and lack of Femoral Distraction Technique Overview 1 Insert proximal Schanz screw Instruments 294.5x 5.0 mm Schanz Screws 294.6x 6.0 mm Schanz Screws 393.10 Universal Chuck The proximal Schanz screw should be placed through the calcar or lesser trochanter, perpendicular to the axis of the femur. Care must be taken to avoid the neurovascular structures Knee pivot shift injury (knee valgus, femur internally rotated), a non- contact injury that results when decelerational-rotational-valgus stress is applied to the knee while it is in various states of flexion. Plasma triacylglycerol (TG) extraction by femoral fat was also lower than that by abdominal fat ( P = 0.05). Isotopic tracers showed that the difference was in chylomicron-TG extraction. VLDL-TG extraction and direct NEFA uptake were similar in the two depots.