Daniel Libeskind designs Fractile. Daniel Libeskind and Casalgrande Padana have joined forces to create Fractile , a unique collection of porcelain stoneware tiles that embodies the magic of fractal mathematics, where the whole looks the same as each of its parts, and each of its parts looks the same as the whole.

Ineffectual; useless; incapable of producing any result; not successful: Trying to get the horse to drink water was futile. Reda. Overview. The R package reda provides functions for. Simulating survival, recurrent event, and multiple event data from stochastic process point of view; exploring and modeling recurrent event data through the mean cumulative function (MCF) by the Nelson-Aalen estimator of the cumulative hazard rate function, and gamma frailty model with spline rate function; Fragile definition is - easily broken or destroyed. How to use fragile in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of fragile. Hi, my name is Anca and I am a plus size fashion and beauty blogger from Romania. I enjoy singing and travelling, so you will also find posts about beautiful places I have been. Hometown: Timisoara, Romania, email: [email protected] Hi Haoda, I couldn't find a package that implements this, although I'm not familiar with the field so there could be something but using different terminology. However, looking at the the Google preview of Nelson (2003) which is cited by the page that you linked to, the calculations seem very simple (see page 46). Here is a function which I think does what is described there (warning: untested

Econometrica, Vol. 28, 2 (April 1960) A METHOD OF FRACTILE GRAPHICAL ANALYSIS BY P. C. MAHALANOBIS Fractile Graphical Analysis is a new method of statistical analysis which

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An Introduction to Fractals Written by Paul Bourke May 1991 "Philosophy is written in this grand book - I mean universe - which stands continuously open to our gaze, but which cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language in which it is written.